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Spain Axarquia Churros Hot Chocolate Holiday Vacation
Chocolate & Churros
Sedella Axarquia Mountain Hills Walking Holiday Vacation White Painted Village
Sedella, with Mount Maroma in the background.

The idea of the website is for me, (Mr Slow) to share some of the experiences we’ve had as we’ve visited Spain since 2009.

Hopefully, it’s a lighthearted trip down memory lane, from initially visiting Spain, buying a place in the sun, to various moments that have made it even more special for us. It’s fair to say that we love Spain but that isn’t from looking at it through rose-tinted glasses or having consumed tinted glasses of Rosé wine either. What you will read in this blog is true, with possibly the very tiniest of embellishment here and there. (Anything downright untrue will be signified by a wine stain on that particular page.)

So, please have a look through the blogs and join us in a none too serious look at Spain through the eyes of one half of two self confessed “Slow Walkers,” who have suffered for their recreation.

Also, if people keep reading this blog, I’ll have to keep writing, which means Mrs S doesn’t have me under her feet for quite as much time.


Lastly, I try to add a few photos to the blogs but I don’t want it to have too many. I have a lot more photos in my portfolio at the link below. If you’d like to see more pictures of Spain and other places we’ve slow walked in, please click on it and have a browse.

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