3 months(ish) of the blog.


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Hello again and welcome to the 3 month anniversary of my first blog. Actually, it’s a little bit over that but I can’t be rounding it up to 4 months or even almost 4 months.

What can I say about the past 3 months, well, there was the initial wailing and frustration at not being able to put things where I wanted them on the pages. I foolishly thought it would be a case of what you see on the page is what you get, I was mistaken…….

To me, it seems like I get everything where I’d like it but then, when I select preview, the system turns into Harry Enfield’s “Only me” character, with his catchphrase of “You don’t wanna do it like thaaaaat!!!” My way becomes the highway and I then spend ages pulling out hair I can ill afford to lose, trying to understand what the set up actually wants. I suppose it’s my fault for not being up with the mechanics of the system. I think that’s enough ranting from soapbox corner, although I can’t promise.

What else? Mrs S has enjoyed being my editor and potential censor, although nothing has been omitted as yet. I do try and push things to see if she will say “You can’t put that” but so far so good. I’m grateful to her for doing this because I also have a habit of switching from past to present tense and to have this pointed out is very useful, even if I’m not going for any writing awards. I will say that my English Literature ‘O’ level hasn’t been overly useful that I can tell. Speaking of which, happy days? Three books to read and you had to answer questions on at least two of the books, which in this particular school year were:-

1. Far From the Madding Crowd. I made the decision not to read this book for a few reasons, one, the introduction before the story was a novel in itself. Two, after leafing through, I found a passage of more than three pages, describing a hat and three, the book was at least 2 inches thick, which, at the time, as a paid up member of the football mad and belatedly interested in girls club, went against the grain.

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How big?

2. Macbeth. Yes please, Twelfth Night was good the previous year, so a bit of drama and battles wouldn’t go amiss and now, I even understood the language. I recall going on a school trip to watch Twelfth Night the year before and wondering why people were laughing at bits that, to our school group weren’t funny. Ignorance I suspect.

3. Room With a View. I can’t say I was ecstatic over this one either but I’d already played my joker with option 1, so it was a case of getting on with it but I don’t think I gave it my best but at least it was quite a thin book.

Anyway, having already mentioned the ‘O’ level, you can see that I must have done enough because I passed. I think I must have nailed the answers to Macbeth to do it. Looking back, I wonder if I should revisit options 1 &3 and read them through more mature eyes. I’ve had a delve into some of what Penguin describe as their classic range and have to say I enjoyed the ones I’ve read quite a lot but never made it quite as far as the two mentioned above. As a matter of fact, after clearing a load of books from a bedroom, I’ve just started Fellowship of the Ring, which is only 1 1/2 inches thick, so still fits in with my outdated adolescent criteria.

Does anyone out there remember what books they had to read or have any strong likes/dislikes to share?

Anyway, back to the here and now. It’s been an enjoyable if sometimes frustrating time but hopefully, you’ve enjoyed my ramblings, six of you have even subscribed for more, so thank you very much for that. You know who you are and the cheques are in the post.

If there’s anything you’d like to see (or not see) in my blogs, please let me know and I’ll see if it can be done (or not done), as the case may be.  The initial aim of the blog, was to start with our first visits to Spain and to then to gradually move forward, picking out some of the times that stick out in the memory.  I think it’s time to move the emphasis away the airport, car hire and supermarket themed stories and get down to more about our times in Spain and enjoying all that it has to offer. This may involve a bit of jumping about time wise but I hope it will be ok.

By the end of March, we’ll be in Spain again for our second long break and apart from relaxing and walking, we also have one other main priority and that is to buy a car.  Our first long break last year was by car and ferry (another future blog) but this trip will be a case of planes, pains and automobiles, starting with a hire car for two weeks, so the pressure’s on to get a car of our own. We did try to buy one the last time we visited but that didn’t work out quite as planned but that’s for another blog I feel.

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So, there you have it, 3 months and counting and less than 2 weeks before our next trip. Mrs S has started packing and I’ve had to book another hold bag because the one bag we thought would do, was filled in a very short space of time. I don’t know where all the stuff comes from but Mrs S assures me we need all of it and who am I to argue. I, on the other hand, will throw a few things into my cabin luggage, check it doesn’t look suspicious and that will be it. We’ve updated the camera, so that will be well packed and then any spare space will be used for the overflow from Mrs S’s Great British Pack off.

Hasta luego.

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