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Well, I’ve been trying to make the webpage open with the homepage, instead of going into the blogs. I’ve been led to believe this is the better way to run the site.

I managed to do this (no applause please) but then had the home page with another home page underneath. I’m currently in the process of attempting to find out how I’ve duplicated this in a menu driven system

Despite the above, this is not a rant, more of a “letting it all out” type of thing and to let you know that I’m trying to get things right, whilst writing another post. So, don’t give up and keep looking in, if only to see how chaotic I can make things, without even trying.

GOOD NEWS. There will be a new post soon.

Here are two more photos by way of compensation.

Sedella White Village Axarquia Walking Slow Walkers
Sedella from the North
Sedella Axarquia walking Slow Walkerswhite village Andalucia Andalusia
Sedella, looking North.

All Images © 2008- TheSlowWalkers

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    1. Hi Lorraine, thank you for your comment. The photos are from April & September but it can be just as sunny, if a bit cooler at this time of year.

    1. Hi Sue, the photos are from April and September respectively but a great majority of the time, it is bright and sunny.

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