Off topic already.

I think it’s stating the obvious, that I know practically nothing about using WordPress but let’s rewind just a little. When the blog idea began to grow, I looked online at the various options, free or paid, hosted or self hosted and all the other choices that appeared to multiply each time I read something new.

Have a free blog and it’s not really yours they said, pay for hosting and the website is wholly yours and you have full control. Now, at this point, I ask the question, does it look to you dear reader that I have full control of the website? I could rephrase that and say “any control” and it wouldn’t be too unfair.

I’ve had a nice photo of Spanish hills as a background on a homepage but that has now gone. I’ve attempted to change my password and become locked out of everything, with it not even recognising my username, although that could be renamed as losername but let’s not resort to name calling this early.

I think I’ve managed to change the address from WordPress HQ in New York but that remains to be seen. It’s a learning curve for sure and one I’m determined to master but please, do not hold your collective breaths.

Right, I’m off to try and get the Spanish background back on again and Mrs S has left the building, well, room actually, as she hates to see a grown man cry.

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Always interested to know what you think of the blog, or even suggestions, except for "Please stop".