Danger, new website but no previous experience.


The first blog and I was hoping for something a little more website like than what you’ve found.

However, this is my first attempt at a website/blog, so please be patient and come back from time to time, to see

a) If I’ve managed to make the site our own

b) To see if there’s anything to read.

For the time being, let this be an introduction. We’re The slow walkers, a husband and wife, who got into hill walking later in life after finding each other later in life. One reason for not walking earlier was because, with work and life in general, there just didn’t seem time. The second reason was that we bought a small Spanish house, in a beautiful white painted village, which just happened to be 700 metres above sea level, so there was no other choice than to hill walk.

Anyway, now retired, we have more time to walk and spend time in Spain and so I posted some lighthearted stories of our experiences  on an overseas forum. One or two people liked the content and suggested branching out a little, so, deciding against writing a bestseller, a blog seemed the way to go and here we are. Blank pages all around and white noise in my head, whenever I look online for help with setting up the pages.

The blog is intended to have some accounts of our experiences and with photographs to pad things out a bit. Having said that, Mrs S is a very crafty person, who likes cooking, baking knitting and crochet, so, there may be the odd diversion into her territory for recipes and suchlike.

On the subject of photos, here is one of the village, when we saw it for the first time.

White Village Sedella Axarquia Holiday White Painted Village Moorish Mountains Hills Slow Walking


Thank you for looking in and I hope to have more for you very soon.

All Images © 2008- TheSlowWalkers





Always interested to know what you think of the blog, or even suggestions, except for "Please stop".