A walk on the coast, in December.

Sedella Axarquia Spain White Village Holiday Vacation Slow Walkers Walking Walk
They climb a lot better than we do.

I thought it was time to have another look back some of our very early walking attempts and try and bring them up to date but it’s ok, I won’t be going through each and every one, although each one has something noteworthy about it, at least in my mind. So, ¬†as well as slow walking, I’ve added walking down memory lane to the mix.

Since buying the house, we’d managed a few (very) short walks out of the village and decided that it would be great to venture further afield, to try and walk to some of the places we’d only visited by looking at them from afar but not that far. Continue reading “A walk on the coast, in December.”

Semana Santa.

Sedella Axarquia Semana Santa Spain Trono White Village
The band arrives.

This was the first time we’d been in Spain for what is Easter in the UK. In Spain, they celebrate Semana Santa and is the most important religious date in the Spanish calendar.

We’d planned to go into Malaga, later in the week to watch the big processions, having seen them on youtube and suchlike but we ended up staying in the village and were really pleased we did.

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On location. Part 2.

Sedella Axarquia Holiday Vacation House Spain Sun Walking Slow Walkers Cat Shade
Cool in the shade.


Anyway, I remembered there being a car repair centre next to the Eroski supermarket, which wasn’t far away at all and so we drove down there and I explained what had happened to one of the mechanics. He took the wheel, which went on a rig, he squirted some liquid on the dented part of the wheel and it bubbled madly all over the place. Continue reading “On location. Part 2.”

On location. Part 1.

Molino Sedella Axarquia Spain Sun Walking Slow Walkers
The Molino.

This blog is brought to you, for a change, from on location in Sunny Sedella. Yes, we’re actually here and not having to write about it from a less than sunny outlook. As I start this latest thrilling instalment it’s currently 10 past 9 in the morning, I’m sitting on the terrace and looking out at the white painted houses, with the sun reflecting onto them. We’re not in the sun just yet but it won’t be too long before it swings around and bumps the temperature up.

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On the subject of slow walking.


Sedella Axarquia House Spain Sun Walking Slow Walkers
Village house (Not ours)

With this blog being called The Slow Walkers, I thought it was about time that walking was mentioned, or slow walking to be more accurate.

Back in the UK, walking wasn’t something we did much at all, certainly not planned walks and suchlike. Ok, we’d walk to the shops and things like that but not too much else. Visiting Sedella changed all that, as it’s such a glorious place to be, you just feel the need to wander around…..

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3 months(ish) of the blog.


Sedella blog flowers mirror effect texture

Hello again and welcome to the 3 month anniversary of my first blog. Actually, it’s a little bit over that but I can’t be rounding it up to 4 months or even almost 4 months.

What can I say about the past 3 months, well, there was the initial wailing and frustration at not being able to put things where I wanted them on the pages. I foolishly thought it would be a case of what you see on the page is what you get, I was mistaken…….

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Visiting in July Part 2


Sedella Axarquia White Village Spain Slow Walkers Walk Walking July Mountain
Sedella in July

We were the only two passengers in the minibus and Mrs S glanced over at me, as the vehicle bounced around and mouthed, what I saw as “wah wee o-ring”. If I’d had an online translator, I could have worked out that she actually said, where are we going? Seeing as neither of us had been on that road before, my answer was always going to be “I don’t know” but it was daylight, so that was a good thing, wasn’t it?…..

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Finally, visiting the house, part 3.


Torre Del Mar Spain Beach holiday Sun Blue Sky Walking Walkers Slow Lighthouse Palm Trees
The promenade at Torre Del Mar

Apologies for not updating the blog sooner but reality has a way of sneaking up and needing attending to. Where were we?

We spend most of the week not straying too far from the village but exploring the streets and each night, taking a promenade around the village. There’s something restorative about watching a lovely sunset and also safe in the knowledge that the mosquitoes will have to dine elsewhere but coupled with the fact that your hands are now beginning to feel unnaturally soft. Always a catch.

Anyway, towards the end of our week, we drive down to Torre Del Mar and find that it’s market day…… Continue reading “Finally, visiting the house, part 3.”

Finally visiting our house. Part 2

Slow Walkers walking Sedella Axarquia Spain White Village Painted
White village, blue sky.

It’s mid afternoon, shopping put away, bags not yet unpacked and we’re sitting on the terrace, accompanied by the sound of the church bells, marking the hour, sipping the celebratory cava in the sun and wondering if this is all really a dream. Part of the reason for this is possibly the 2am start to go to the airport and also because it was all so different to what we’re used to. Even though we’d completed the purchase before this trip, it hasn’t really sunk in yet, that the house is ours…..

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