3 months(ish) of the blog.


Sedella blog flowers mirror effect texture

Hello again and welcome to the 3 month anniversary of my first blog. Actually, it’s a little bit over that but I can’t be rounding it up to 4 months or even almost 4 months.

What can I say about the past 3 months, well, there was the initial wailing and frustration at not being able to put things where I wanted them on the pages. I foolishly thought it would be a case of what you see on the page is what you get, I was mistaken…….

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Visiting in July Part 2


Sedella Axarquia White Village Spain Slow Walkers Walk Walking July Mountain
Sedella in July

We were the only two passengers in the minibus and Mrs S glanced over at me, as the vehicle bounced around and mouthed, what I saw as “wah wee o-ring”. If I’d had an online translator, I could have worked out that she actually said, where are we going? Seeing as neither of us had been on that road before, my answer was always going to be “I don’t know” but it was daylight, so that was a good thing, wasn’t it?…..

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Finally, visiting the house, part 3.


Torre Del Mar Spain Beach holiday Sun Blue Sky Walking Walkers Slow Lighthouse Palm Trees
The promenade at Torre Del Mar

Apologies for not updating the blog sooner but reality has a way of sneaking up and needing attending to. Where were we?

We spend most of the week not straying too far from the village but exploring the streets and each night, taking a promenade around the village. There’s something restorative about watching a lovely sunset and also safe in the knowledge that the mosquitoes will have to dine elsewhere but coupled with the fact that your hands are now beginning to feel unnaturally soft. Always a catch.

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Finally visiting our house. Part 2

Slow Walkers walking Sedella Axarquia Spain White Village Painted
White village, blue sky.

It’s mid afternoon, shopping put away, bags not yet unpacked and we’re sitting on the terrace, accompanied by the sound of the church bells, marking the hour, sipping the celebratory cava in the sun and wondering if this is all really a dream. Part of the reason for this is possibly the 2am start to go to the airport and also because it was all so different to what we’re used to. Even though we’d completed the purchase before this trip, it hasn’t really sunk in yet, that the house is ours…..

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Finally, we get to visit our new house.


Goats Sedella Axarquia Andalucia Slow Walkers walking walk white village Andalusia
Evening walk, finds goats feeding.

We didn’t have to wait too long to finally get into our house, as we had flights booked for early June. We knew we had some furniture and white goods there and a little crockery, so we wouldn’t be going into a completely empty house. Mrs S had some ideas for things to take out but we were limited by the amount of stuff we could get into hold and hand baggage. As it was bought to be a holiday home, we thought that a week there would give us an idea of further things we might need but I have to say, the bags were filled to the maximum with all sorts of bits and bobs, including four run of the mill breakfast bowls…..

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Blog pages

Well, I’ve been trying to make the webpage open with the homepage, instead of going into the blogs. I’ve been led to believe this is the better way to run the site.

I managed to do this (no applause please) but then had the home page with another home page underneath. I’m currently in the process of attempting to find out how I’ve duplicated this in a menu driven system

Despite the above, this is not a rant, more of a “letting it all out” type of thing and to let you know that I’m trying to get things right, whilst writing another post. So, don’t give up and keep looking in, if only to see how chaotic I can make things, without even trying.

GOOD NEWS. There will be a new post soon.

Here are two more photos by way of compensation.

Sedella White Village Axarquia Walking Slow Walkers
Sedella from the North
Sedella Axarquia walking Slow Walkerswhite village Andalucia Andalusia
Sedella, looking North.

All Images © 2008- TheSlowWalkers

So, how did we end up in Southern Spain? Part three.

Having returned to the UK, we turned our minds to the last visit to the village and what we thought about the house. This was also while getting ready for the inevitable Christmas fever. Don’t get me wrong, we love Christmas and we enjoy Christmas but does the run up have to be like being in a rugby match whenever you leave the safety of home?

We both felt that buying a place in Spain was a big step and I’d say that we did our best to research everything we could about not only the area but also the purchasing side of things. Of course, the estate agent had told us that he had a solicitor who would carry out the whole process for us and because he “knew” people, it would be done quickly. We tended to think that we would be the ones “done quickly” and so resisted his advances, despite being told that other people were interested in the property.

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So, how did we end up in southern Spain. Part two.

Still in Asturias and after a fretful nights sleep, seemingly dominated by scenarios of onrushing milk tankers and sheer drops, we took a trip over to Llanes, a mediaeval town with small fishing port, boasting a picturesque harbour with colourfully painted “memory cubes” surrounding the end of the harbour. It’s a bright and fun addition although time had dulled the colours a little but still, a great way to liven up blocks of concrete.

Llanes Spain Asturias Fishing harbour Memory cubes sea holiday
Llanes harbour & memory cubes


Llanes Spain Asturias Fishing harbour Memory cubes sea holiday
Llanes memory cubes













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So, how did we end up in southern Spain? Part one.

It was 2008 and a typical June evening in the UK, overcast and raining and we were watching “A Place in the Sun,” featuring properties in Asturias. The scenery was stunning and after revelling in the programme, we looked online for more information and the sort of prices expected in different areas. From the internet, we established that the rainfall can be similar to the UK, it isn’t called “Green Spain” for nothing and the scenery is every bit as good as was seen on the TV. I’d only just reached the grand young age of 50 and Mrs S was a little behind me but we thought about holidaying as we got older and the rainfall scenario didn’t score many points. That said, neither of us likes to just sit in the sun and bake but we did envisage wanting to be warm. So, we booked a week in September in Asturias and a week in the hills away from Malaga in the November.

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