Summer is in full swing…….. somewhere.

Sedella Axarquia White Village Spain Slow Walkers Blog Walk Walking Sunset Mountain
Sunset over Sedella.

Once again, I’ve had to add something to a blog after it’s published. The blog below was written over the course of a few days and mostly prior to the awful attacks in Spain.  Our sympathies go to the families of those killed and the injured.  I was in two minds whether to take the blog down but the words of strength I’ve heard coming from the people of Barcelona, made my mind up for me, so here it is, as written.


It’s August, my birthday month and this year and there will be 30 candles on the cake, well, about 30 candles on one of my slices to be more or less accurate. The August weather is not currently being August weather at all, it thinks it’s October, with designs on being November with its grey overcast outlook. Still, it’s given me time to think, which isn’t entirely a good thing but at present, my thoughts have gone to what we miss about Spain. Continue reading “Summer is in full swing…….. somewhere.”

Time flies. Pt2

Totem Pole Blog Slow Walkers Virginia Water Surrey England
Reach for the sky. For those in most of Spain right now, the grey stuff is what we regularly call an overcast sky.


Picking up from part 1, what else has kept me away from blogging? Oh yes! Last Sunday, Mrs S suggested we get up a little earlier and go to the park at Virginia water. The early bit was so that we could bag a free parking space opposite the park. Part one of the plan worked like a charm, we got up early and headed out…….
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Time flies. Pt1

Echinacea Bee Bombus Hampton Court Flower Show Garden Plants Flowers Slow Walkers
Echinacea and the bee. If it’s not a book title or a band, it should be(e)

Hello again everyone and by everyone, I particularly mean the six stalwarts who’ve signed up to be mithered via e-mail to say I’ve managed to put together another set of ramblings. Anyway, thank you again for not yet deleting me and for popping in to look what I’ve been up to. To those who have stumbled upon this page accidentally, welcome, pull up a chair and have a read. It’s free and no animals are ever harmed.

What have we been up to exactly, I hear you ask? Not blogging would be the first answer, with about three weeks passing since I last put digit to keyboard. As the title suggests, time flies and I just don’t know where the last three weeks have gone. Continue reading “Time flies. Pt1”

To Spain by car (and ferry)

Ice cream Van holiday Bilbao Slow Walkers Morris Vintage
This might have been a good way to travel.


I’d always been the most enthusiastic to spend more time in Spain, with Mrs S just slightly behind but when we made the decision to go for three months, the roles reversed and Mrs S became the more proactive of the pairing. When it came to booking the ferry, I was tentative to say the least and yet I had no idea why. Anyway, I eventually pressed the button and the ferry was booked. This was of course on Brittany Ferries and would be our first time together on a boat, ship, floating object. Continue reading “To Spain by car (and ferry)”

Back in the UKSR. (United Kingdom Stress Roundabout).

Trapiche Football pitch Slow Walkers BlogTravel Holiday
Life’s a pitch sometimes.
A pitch at the village of Trapiche.

Well. here we are back in the UK for a little while and don’t we know it! The night before the flight home, we got a message from easyJet, to say that there could be queues for security and immigration and to turn up two and a half hours before departure…….. Continue reading “Back in the UKSR. (United Kingdom Stress Roundabout).”

Six month report.

Sedella Axarquia Village House Spain Sun Walking Slow Walkers

It’s been six months since I first put digits to keyboard and started this blog. Coincidentally, according to the statistics, the 9th of June saw the blog reach 1,000 views. Now, while this is hardly an earth shattering performance, it’s more than I expected when it started and to be honest, I don’t really know what I expected. Continue reading “Six month report.”

It ain’t half hot mum.


House Martin nest Sedella Axarquia Spain Slow Walkers Walk Walking White Village Holiday Vacation Blog
House martin approaching the nest.

Well of course it is, it’s June after all and the meteorological summer has arrived in Spain. Even though we’ve been here for almost ten weeks, I can honestly say we haven’t acclimatised too well. Mrs S has taken to a vampiresque lifestyle (minus the bloodsucking) and the evening strolls have veered towards late night walks, when it is much nicer for a stroll or strollete if you prefer. Continue reading “It ain’t half hot mum.”

What to talk about next?

The blog below was just about finished and I was almost ready to publish it, when we heard the dreadful news from Manchester.  We truly are lost for words but wanted to  send our condolences to those who have lost loved ones or have been injured.

Sedella Flowers Axarquia Spain White Village Holiday Vacation Slow Walkers Walking Walk
Large salsify head.

Again, it’s been longer than I’d have liked, before being able to write another blog but here we go, finally. I have to admit that I have been struggling for something to talk about, so this one may wander off here and there but it’s something different to be writing without a thread in my mind…..

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